Who Are We?

Pi Sigma Epsilon is a professional business fraternity specializing in the advancement of the sales, marketing, and management professions. We are a not-for-profit, co-ed organization with over sixty active chapters and roughly 50,000 members nationwide including alumni. With an exposure to a professional environment, our members are able to further understand business relationships found in a corporate-driven society and are extremely prepared to contribute to the success of an organization.

The Eta Epsilon Chapter at UCLA was started by Lea Hong, Brian Vong, and Sally Lee in March 2015. With a passionate and hardworking founding class, they were able to excel and ensure the growth of the fraternity at our college campus and beyond.


Why PSE?

Our brothers come from many different majors but all share one commonality: a passion for marketing, sales, or retail and motivation to succeed. As a PSE member, you will have access to training, resources, networking, recruitment, and internship opportunities with some of the largest companies in these industries.


What Makes PSE Different?

PSE differentiates itself from other organizations both in its specialization and its learning philosophy. PSE provides networking opportunities with professionals and alumni, and experiential learning of the hard and soft skills needed for a career in our industries.





National Awards Program

PSE has the largest national awards program among similar professional organizations, giving all PSE chapters the opportunity to showcase their work while competing against each other in various categories.

Student competitions

PSE hosts annual student competitions including The Boss Games, The National Speakers Competition, and Pro-Am Sell-a-Thon. These events are sponsored by corporate partners that help develop students in all aspects of life and work.


PSE has multiple National Corporate Partners that support the organization and its members through career fairs, competitions, year-round recruiting, internships, market research projects, networking, and career opportunities.

National events

Members have opportunities to listen and learn from nationally renowned speakers and executives, participate in workshops, build resumes, interview for internships and jobs, and meet with other PSE members from across the country.


Membership includes an interactive program that gives students the chance to learn leadership skills, workshops that are designed to empower participants to succeed in their officer roles, and a subscription to Dotted Lines.

scholarship program

The Pi Sigma Epsilon National Educational Foundation was created to recognize individual accomplishment in the areas of PSE, academic achievement, and school/community activities. Over $50,000 is given away annually.



The Vision Becomes Reality

In 1951, Lloyd L. Antle, an Ohio University graduate and Professor of Marketing at Georgia State University, conceived of the idea that the sales profession should have a professional fraternity of its own. After over a year of planning with the support of three of his colleagues, Pi Sigma Epsilon was established on May 14, 1952. All four men were members of the Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) association of Atlanta, Georgia, which continues to be a sponsor of Pi Sigma Epsilon to this day. Our four founders carefully chose the Greek letters of the Fraternity to represent the three groups of membership:

  • Prospective Sales Executives (Collegiate Members)
  • Preparers of Sales Executives (Educator Members)
  • Professional Sales Executives (Professionals and Alumni Members)

Originally an all-male organization, which was characteristic of the sales profession at the time, Pi Sigma Epsilon became co-ed in 1974 after an amendment to the national constitution. Today women play key roles in all levels of the fraternity and in fact make up a slight majority of the membership in most chapters.

Pi Sigma Epsilon prides itself in being Your Business Advantage For Life. Our mission statement is to develop the sales and marketing skills of our members through experiential learning and professional opportunities.


More About Us

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