Born to Be Bold - S19

Building on our Fall theme of individualism

Inspiration from Design Agencies and Pop Art

2018 Fall Flyer1.jpg

Outta Line - F18

We have no desire to be squeezed by societal norms. Instead, we find strength in our eccentric personalities and ambitions.

Typography inspired by Travis Scott’s WAVRadio

2018 Spring Flyers1.png

Create Yourself - S18

Spring, the time of new beginnings and growth.

2017 Fall Flyer.jpg

Pay Attention - F17

Flyering on Bruinwalk is essential to a successful recruitment cycle. This quarter, we went straight to the point with our concept.

2017 Spring Flyer.jpg

Step Into Our World - S17

Continuing our newspaper theme.

2016 Fall Flyer.jpg

It’s Time - F16

Inspired by TIME Magazine.